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Our materials

We work with high-quality materials that are ready to handle any goal. Our proprietary Climatic and Resstex materials withstand all the vagaries of the weather. In conjunction with other premium materials, they form a perfect product mix. So you can focus on one thing - moving on.

AFT Double Weave

AFT Double Weave is a single-layer technical material with a double weave technology. The outer side is abrasion-resistant, permanently water-repellent and sufficiently wind-resistant. The inner side is moisture wicking and breathable.

Climatic Active Stretch LEARN MORE
Climatic Active Stretch

Climatic Active Stretch is a stretch material laminated with a hi-tech non-porous membrane which has excellent parameters; a waterproof rating of 15,000 mm H2O and a breathability rating of 15.000 g/m2/24h. It guarantees optimal protection even in unfavourable climatic conditions. It’s suitable for strenuous outdoor and sports activities. The membrane is used in technologies of 2L, 2.5L and 3L materials.

Merino Tencel LEARN MORE
Merino Tencel

Merino and Tencel materials form a perfect natural combination and complement each other perfectly. While Merino brings its advantages, which are the removal of moisture and odor, Tencel gives the wool strength, efficiently transfers heat and is comfortable in contact with the skin. Tencel is made from cellulose fibers and wood pulp, and for this reason, merino/Tencel blended fiber products are completely natural and renewable.

Polarstretch Lite LEARN MORE
Polarstretch Lite

Polarsoft Micro is a soft fleece fabric, the lightest from Polarsoft materials, which is used to insulate different layers. The material is pleasant to touch and product made with it are ideal for different sport activities such as skiing, Clothes made of Polarstretch Lite are ideal for aerobic activities in a transition period and the material doesn’t restrain any movement.

Thermore Classic LEARN MORE
Thermore Classic

Universal winter and year-round garments fill. Thanks to a patented manufacturing technology, it’s possible to reduce thickness of the fill but keep its excellent thermal insulation properties. Versatile use thanks to a wide choice of weight in grams and thickness – adaptable fill with regard to a kind of garment and sports activity. 50 % of fibres are made from PET bottles.

Resstex 10000 LEARN MORE
Resstex 10000

Microporous polyurethane membrane with a balanced ratio of waterproofness and breathability. Products with this membrane are resistant to rain or wet snow yet stay breathable. arments with a water column of 10,000 are particularly suitable for skiing.

Resstex 8000 LEARN MORE
Resstex 8000

Microporous polyurethane membrane with a balanced ratio of waterproofness and breathability. Products with this membrane are resistant to rain or wet snow yet stay breathable. Garments with a water column of 8,000 are particularly suitable for skiing.

Polarsoft Quilt LEARN MORE
Polarsoft Quilt

Polarsoft Quilt is a structured double knitted fabric with space filled with hollow fibres. This structure is designed very efficiently and thus enhances breathability and thermal properties of a product. It is also quick drying and has excellent thermal insulation properties. The garments are ideal as a mid layer.

Organic Cotton LEARN MORE
Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is cotton which has been grown from an original, non-GMO cotton plant. It’s grown according to standards and regulations for ecological agriculture. These standards don’t allow to use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified plants. The aim of ecological cotton production is to create a system of eco farming which can prevent harm to environment as a result of growing cotton. Organic cotton is soft, pleasant to the touch, durable and quite strong.