We want to leave the world clean and healthy to future generation

01 Reduce

  • We reduce amount of plastic used for our plastic bags.
  • We reduce carbon footprint by careful transportation planning and choices.
  • We reduce amount of PTFE in our membranes by implementing dot lamination.

02 Reduce

  • We reuse our own product development capabilities for service and repairs.
  • We reuse plastics bags within our own retail and encourage our partners to do so as well.
  • We reuse leftover materials in our RE:TENT reusable bag.

03 Reduce

  • We recycle through our materials in our products (rPET, SUGENRO).
  • We recycle through plastic used in our plastic bags.

04 Reduce

  • We rethink what materials and technologies to use in production(DuPont Sorona®, DWR C6, Organic Cotton).
  • We rethink in what programmes we take advantage of (Bluesign, RDS).
  • We rethink what standards fulfill partners we choose in our production(BSCI, REACH, OEKO-TEX standard 100).
  • We rethink our products to last more and look timeless and thus reducing the consumption.

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We produce quality outdoor clothing and equipment that is ready to tackle any goal. We are Hannah and are proud that we have been a part of the outdoor world for 30 years.

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That's how we do it since 1991

We believe that comfort is not standing still. Comfort is being able to be one step further tomorrow than I am today. We love challenges, pushing the limits and the boundaries. We love to move. And we want to offer opportunities to all those who feels the same way. Who once they climb Mount Blanc, think of Elbrus.